Temperature Controlled Heating Systems

Allegiance Heating and Cooling recommends zoning for two story, and larger homes. If you’re not familiarzone with a zoned heating and air conditioning system, they simply allow you to set predetermined temperatures for different areas of your home. These areas are referred to as zones.

As you may know, heat tends to rise which means that the upper level of your home tends to be relatively warmer than the lower levels.  A zone heating and air conditioning system will allow you to adjust the temperature of the upper level of your home so that it is not stifling hot when you go upstairs.  This is accomplished through the use of individual thermostats that are placed in the different zones of your home.

What Is Heating And Cooling System Zoning?

The idea behind heating and cooling system zoning is that you are able to control the temperature in one area of your home at a time.

zone2You will no longer set the temperature at your primary thermostat in your residential home and hope that it reaches all of the rooms evenly. Instead, each zone in your home will be fitted with its own individual thermostat that will then be connected to a main control panel.

From that control panel a set amount of air will flow into the designated area or zone and provide the heat or coolness that you desire.

While this may sound like an innovative and new technology that is only available in newly constructed homes, it can also be installed in older homes.  The primary function of zoning air conditioning or heating is that you are able to enjoy a comfortable and constant temperature in any room of your home.  Some of the additional benefits associated with zone temperature control are:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Ease of use
  • Comfortable temperatures throughout your home
  • Innovative design

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