Heating Systems

Reno Heating System Installation


Furnace Installation or Heat Pump Installation

Once you have chosen the type of heating systems that you want, the next step is determining the proper size for your residential home.

Allegiance Heating and Cooling wants you to know that there is more to the sizing process than knowing the square footage of your home.  This is where our experts step in and ensure that the system you choose will effectively heat your residential home.

When you hire us for your heating systems installation in Reno, NV we will make sure that you purchase the proper size unit for your home.  This is particularly important because choosing the incorrect size unit for your home may lead to your furnace working improperly and not being able to maintain a constant level of comfortable heat.

A unit that is not designed for your home size will may also experience more problems and require more maintenance because it is not working in the proper manner.  In order to avoid these problems, you should call us first.  We will inspect your existing system and determine the proper size that will ensure your home is heated in the proper manner.

We also offer dual thermostat zoning.  There are certain areas of your home that does not get used as frequently as others. There is no need to regulate heat these areas. Zoning helps you to save money on those areas not being used as often.


Heating Systems Repair

Did you just discover that your heating system has stopped working properly?  If so, then call our team right away!

We can have one of our professionally trained technicians at your home within a short period of time.  Don’t suffer and try to battle the cold temperatures until the next day, call us and we will show up ready to tackle your heat pump repair needs.

We pride ourselves on fast, dependable service, our top priority is ensuring that your heating system is in proper working condition before we leave your home.  Having your heat pump stop working is never fun, which is why our technicians can have you back up and running in a short period of time.

We offer a yearly HVAC maintenance plan to help avoid these costly repairs. Unfortunately, we can not offer any repair estimates over the phone. We need to come to your home in order to fully assess the repairs needed.


Oil to Gas Conversion

Are you interested in oil to gas conversion and how it can save money on your monthly home expenses?  If you answered yes, then you are in the right place.  Our team of experts are prepared to answer any questions you may have about oil to natural gas conversion in your residential home. Call us today to find out more and how this process can be beneficial to you.  This is not something that should be attempted as a weekend project; it is a job for professionals, and we have just the team for you.

Call us today to find out how we can help with all of your oil to gas conversion needs.

What Is Oil To Gas Conversion?

If you’re faced with having to replace your existing heating system, you may want to consider converting from oil to gas while you’re at it.  It has been shown that converting from an oil fueled system to a natural gas system can save you money on your heating costs.  Since you’re going to be replacing your system anyway, now may be the ideal time to convert from oil to gas